Lung cubes horse 200g


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The cubes made from gentle, air-dried horse lungs are the ideal training snack or as a reward in between. Because lung cubes are rather soft, they are easy to chew for all age groups. The horse's lungs are low in fat and contain hardly any cholesterol. Due to the gentle air drying, we were able to do without any preservatives and additives - just the LILA LOVES IT quality.

Horse is generally suitable for dogs with sensitive food and allergy sufferers and is very digestible.

Lungs are low-fat connective tissue - therefore the ideal extension for dogs that have to watch out for their weight. Incidentally, dried lungs float well on the water and can therefore be used for swimming training for more water-shy four-legged friends.

The product is odorless, so it is also very pleasant for us owners.

  • Single protein horse
  • high acceptance, good digestibility
  • gently air-dried horse lung cubes
  • free from preservatives and additives
  • Low in fat and low in cholesterol
  • very suitable for dogs that are sensitive to food
  • very delicious
  • 100% natural

Single feed for dogs, store in a cool and dry place, always provide fresh drinking water

Composition: 100% horse, gently dried

Analytical components: Crude protein: 76.3%, crude oils and fats: 6.7%, crude ash: 5.5%, residual moisture: 7.2%

size: approx. 2 x 2 x 2 cm per cube (sizes may vary)

crowd: 200g

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