Rabbit ears with fur 100g


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The healthy rabbit chew is suitable for dogs of all ages. The whole ears, with fur and cartilage, support the dogs' natural dental care. Rabbit ears are low in fat and cholesterol and are therefore very well tolerated by food-sensitive dogs and allergy sufferers.

At the same time, they are rich in protein, fiber and minerals. The smell is pleasant for the holder.

For LILA LOVES IT's quality standards, air drying is the best method to preserve meat gently. This means that this product does not contain any artificial preservatives or additives. A perfect addition to a balanced and healthy diet.

Did you know that chewing can relieve stress?

  • gently air-dried rabbit ears with fur and cartilage
  • free from preservatives and additives
  • Single protein rabbit
  • Low in fat and low in cholesterol
  • high acceptance, good digestibility
  • supports the dog's teeth cleaning
  • very suitable for dogs that are sensitive to food
  • very delicious
  • Chewing relieves stress and strengthens the chewing muscles at the same time
  • 100% natural

Single feed for dogs, store in a cool and dry place, always provide fresh drinking water

Composition: 100% rabbit, gently dried
Analytical components: Crude protein: 65.1%, crude oils and fats: 28.6%, crude ash: 1.9%, residual moisture: 5.1%

crowd: 100

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