DIY material set "collar"


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With our DIY material Sets you get everything you need to craft your own linen and Collars need in one package. 


Included in the set:

• dew

• Wrapping material

• Carabiner (with carabiner collar)

• O-rings (for pull stops or carabiner collar) 

• Buckle (with adjustable collar)

• Binding screws (with adjustable collar)

• 2 pieces of leather straps (with adjustable collar)

• D-ring (with adjustable collar)

• extra strong sewing thread (saddlery thread)

• Glue


What do you need yourself

• scissors or a craft knife

• a lighter, a candle or a small flambé burner

• a needle 

• a tape measure

• possibly a small pair of pliers


Advantages of our DIY sets:

• No waste of material, as the quantity you need is delivered (plus a small buffer)

• Uncomplicated, as you get everything from one shop with one order. That saves annoying searches.

• Cheaper, you don't have to order in several shops, this saves you unnecessary multiple shipping costs.

• Free video tutorials from us


Delivery time: 

3-5 working days (in rare cases up to 10 working days, for material reorders) 


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