Hello my name is Steffi - I am the founder and the person behind PUPPYROPE®. I am 29 years old and grew up in Lünen (NRW). I've always been a dog person, but it took a long time for us to welcome the first dog in our family. My siblings and I had to beg for a dog for a long time until our parents finally became weak. So in 2006 our first dog Balou finally moved in with us, a really great black Labrador male. When I moved out at home in 2016, I quickly realized that I miss a dog in the house. A home without a dog is not a real home.


And then I discovered the ad on Facebook with Aik - a little 13 month old pomeranian male looking for a new home ... and it was up to me. These cute button eyes, the shaggy fur, the cheeky fur pattern on his face and his cute "grin" caught me. So Aik moved in in December 2016, we've been inseparable since this day. I quickly realized that Aik apparently was not well socialized during breeding. He was afraid of many (simple) things and kept pulling himself out of his collar when he was frightened. Even after a long search, we simply did not find a suitable collar for him… so at the beginning he always had to walk with a harness.


The idea of PUPPYROPE® was born out of a need to find a suitable and safe collar for Aik. There was simply nothing suitable for us in the trade. So I started to get creative myself. I took a closer look at Balou's pull stop collar, ordered the right material and made our first own pull stop collar. Back then, who would have thought what would come of it.


The path of PUPPYROPE® started in 2017 when I made the first collars and leashes for Aik and Balou. In principle the prototypes of our today's leashes & collars. Almost nine months passed in which we designed our own designs, tested our products extensively and made improvements again and again until I decided to found my own brand with PUPPYROPE® (initially Leinenwerk).


The beginning was difficult when it became official on January 1st, 2018. Even if the demand was there, we had to overcome a few hurdles and learn a lot as a fresh small company. In spring 2018, for example, we had to change our brand name from "Leinenwerk" to PUPPYROPE®, because we failed to protect our brand name. Just a few weeks after our start with Leinenwerk, an other company registered the name "Leinenwerk". 


So we brainstormed for a new and unique name - the best thing that could have happened to us, because that's how the name PUPPYROPE® (puppy for dog + rope for rope) came about. A name that stands out and is special, like our manufactory. A name with which our manufactory has become known and which gets around through our customer satisfaction. After the new name was launched, we really started. Since then, our customer base and our sales have grown continuously from month to month. This time we decided to protect our brand name, so that's why PUPPYROPE® is an officially registered picture and word mark.


In summer 2018 I met my friend Patrick. Since then he has been at my side with advice and supports me wherever he can. Since this day our PUPPYROPE® Crew is complete ❤



Today in 2020, after our brand has been on the market for two years, we couldn't be happier. We have many loyal customers, our brand makes a name for itself and we have entered into first partnerships with partner companies whose products expand our range. We would never have dared to dream that a small idea would become something so big two years ago.  



PUPPYROPE® is a premium brand for stylish dog accessories today. We are characterized by quality and clean processing. The materials we process are put through their paces by us before they reach you. The PUPPYROPE brand® not only stands for quality, but also for service - we offer repair and change service, easy access via e-mail and live chat (4 p.m. to 8 p.m.), as well as a 7-day free return policy.