Biothane Beta
13 mm, for the minis 
16 mm, for small to medium-sized breeds
19 mm, for medium-sized breeds 
25 mm, for big breeden 
Paracord, leather or colored cotton cord
• Rose gold / steel (not suitable for contact with water)
• Black / steel (not suitable for contact with water)
• Silver / steel (not suitable for contact with water)
• Gold/Brass (ideal for swimming in fresh water)
• silver /stainless steel (ideal for swimming in fresh and salt water) 
The PUPPYROPE promise 
• 100% loving handwork
• 100% premium quality
• 100% made in Germany
• 100% customer satisfaction
• soft, supple and light
• stable (very high breaking load) 
• easy to care for and robust
• Mold and rust resistant
• water repellent 
• Oeko-Tex® non-toxic and safe for humans and animals
• easy to clean by hand washing
• Can be personalized with a name or brand (can be added to the shopping cart)
Care instructions
Washable at 30 ° C by hand washing only. The coatings of the carabiners made of rose gold steel, black steel and silver steel can discolour when in contact with water, so they should not come into contact with water (discoloration is not covered by the warranty). Brass and stainless steel carabiners can be washed without hesitation. Please check the function of the fittings regularly. If these should get stuck, you can make them work again with a silicone spray.